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I'm still trying to learn how to transfer pictures and text into tripod. When I overcome the lack of knowledge, my page will improve. Happy New Year to all my brother hot rodders, here's to a great year of going to car shows, swap meets and building hot rods, customs and restoring old cars.

My hobby is building Hot Rods, Customs, and restoring old cars. My interest is to promote the hobby, and share my projects with other interested builders and hobbiest..Please check back now and then and see if there is anything that sparks your interest.

I am also an Amsoil Dealer and have information on Synthetic Oil, car care products, high quality dual bypass (less than 1 micron) oil filter systems, and more. Please contact me for more information and/ or a catalog. For better gas mileage and extended engine life, Amsoil is the one I have chozen for all my vehicles. It's a great product and can save you money, improve mileage.

Some of the vehicles using Amsoil synthetic oil are getting extraordinary miles out of the engines. Diesel tractors, pickups and cars engines are getting great service. I can send you testimonials where people are getting 400,000 and 600,000 miles out of an engine. Ask about the dual bypass filter system to keep your oil clean, removing moisture, acids, everything below 1 micron, and you won't have to change oil for years...

One good inexpensive use for Amsoil Synthetic Oil is in lawn mowers, chain saws, lawn edgers, and weed eaters. I was going through a weed eater every summer, I have 2 acres of weeds!! Using Amsoil I made it through the first summer with no problems and it is still working great. I also tend to burn up one lawn mower a year, we'll see how long I can keep going with the same one. One grounds keeper for a golf course was going through lawn equipment every six months, using Amsoil, he's had the same equipment for 5 years....

One thing I like is the reduction in t1Transmission oil tempature. You'll get a drop of 20 to 50 degrees using amsoil synthetic transmission oil. Try it out. I put the new Amsoil gear oil in my 1996 Chevy 2500, with a limited slip rear end, the tight turn vibration went away.

You also save money using Amsoil, about $150 to $200 a year depending on how often you change your convention oil now. I'm sold, check it out. YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER FOR AMSOIL ORDERING IS 414157

THINK ABOUT IT, IF THEY USE SYNTHETICS IN JET ENGINES BECAUSE CONVENTIONAL OIL COOKS, THEN IT SHOULD WORK EXCEPTIONALLY WELL IN CAR AND TRUCK ENGINES. I have about $15,000 invested in the engines in my hot rods, I'm protecting my investment with AMSOIL...More to Come!!! E-Mail me at rcombs@inreach.com.

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I currently have three project cars,

#1. Is a 1957 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup; 78 firebird rear end, (which is the same width as the 57 rear end), a 350 CID Chevy engine, bored 60, a mild cam, and a 350 trans. I'm planning on changing the mild cam and using the new Comp-cam Xtreme energy cam. The front suspension is a self fabricated mustang.

#2. Is a 1934 Ford 3-window Coupe, with a 350 CID Chevy engine bored 30 over, with came they used in the 350 hp 327 Corvette, shoud be streetable and develope about 350 horse. Ladder Frame, still working on the rear end and fabricating a suspension system for the rear end. I'm using a Granada disk brake rear end, a little narrow but 10 inch rims should take up the slack.

#3. Is a 1950 4-door Mercury, lots to do yet to even get started. I have been collecting parts and deciding on an engine. I want to chop the top and I have a donor car for seats and maybe suspension, still in the planning stages...Should be a lot of fun.

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